About us

Leading the digital paradigm and helping organizations capitalize on opportunities being created by the new decentralized economic system

Business is transforming and ageing enterprise networks are inadequate and unprepared for the rapidly evolving digital world. Existing systems, based on legacy technology, are unable to keep pace with the growing volume of data and complexity of modern business transactions. Leading organizations are now turning to Web3 technologies as they look to develop all-new 'Digital' products and services, share resources, and take advantage of rapidly evolving decetralized global ecosystems.

Blockchain Worx is building a rich portfolio of institutional Web3 solutions strategically positioned at the convergence of innovation, sustainability, and next-gen digital finance. The team at Blockchain Worx draws on deep expertise and a breadth of experience spanning Capital Markets, Banking, Regulatory Technology, and Management Consulting to design solutions that address real-world challenges, advance technological frontiers, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Sumantra Naik

Floyd DCosta

Narayan Neelakantan

Vijeesh Papulli

Mona Zoet

Markus Hammer