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A rich portfolio of institutional Web3 solutions

Blockchain Worx is crafting a rich portfolio of institutional Web3 solutions strategically positioned at the convergence of innovation, sustainability, and next-gen digital finance. By focusing on solutions that address real-world challenges, our mission is to advance technological frontiers and actively contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

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Working closely with and co-creating alongside strategic partners, Blockchain Worx designs, builds and then scales each platform as an independent venture.

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Impact Ledger
Carbon Coded
Ledger Banker


Integrate Web2 apps and Web3 ecosystems via our Lab

Our Web 3.0 Innovation Lab acts as a hub to explore new possibilities, forge alliances and accelerate innovation across market segments globally. Our lab-centric approach allows us to leverage existing modules (incl. enterprise-grade security and compliance), quickly test a set of ideas, and effectively capitalize on emerging Web3 market opportunities.

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