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STO Global-X

An end-to-end Securities Tokenization Platform and Digital Asset Exchange, STO Global-X is our JV with CoinStreet Partners, Hong Kong. The platform offers an integrated system to issue and trade tokenised securities – company equity, real estate, investment funds, fine art and more – in a secure and compliant manner.

An integrated technology platform to issue, manage and trade tokenised securities

STO Global-X enables institutions to tokenize securities and facilitate the virtual ownership and trading of conventional physical assets using digital tokens, powered by Blockchain technology. The end-to-end platform includes a comprehensive Tokenization Platform to put real world assets into fractional ownership on the Blockchain, while offering investors a digital investment marketplace that’s secure, transparent and inclusive; P2P with no middlemen and in a market that operates 24/7.

AML - Transaction Monitoring

Built ground up with security and compliance at the core, the system will include integrated registration, KYC, approval and reporting functionality that allow institutions to tick all the boxes and comply with relevant regulations.

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TokenPayNet - an Enterprise Grade Multi-token Payment Gateway for Ecommerce, Mobile-commerce and PoS Transactions

Businesses, mostly start-ups raised over $25 billion over the past couple of years by issuing new digital tokens, resulting in more than 1,500 virtual currencies. Meanwhile, the number of unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets grew too and is estimated to be anywhere between 2.9 million and 5.8 million. However, the emerging token economy still remains disconnected from the steadily growing $2.3 trillion ecommerce market. Merchants would love to tap a young progressive segment of ‘crypto-customers’, while tokens holders are keen to find more avenues and utility for their tokens.
Introducing TokenPayNet - a next-gen payment platform that connects the potential of digital payments and the promise of the decentralised token economy. With a crypto-token payment gateway, token commerce marketplace, integration with multiple commerce service providers and detailed reporting, TokenPayNet is a one-stop-shop for any merchant looking to quickly add enterprise-grade crypto capabilities to their eCommerce, mobile commerce and PoS operations.

TokenPayNet enables the use of ERC-20 tokens for online purchases, thereby connecting digital assets and eCommerce

With leading edge technology and best practices from both worlds, TokenPayNet is poised to strategically connect the steadily growing digital commerce market and the fast evolving token economy.

CryptoAML - Token Surveillance and Crypto-Asset Transaction Monitoring

The exponential growth of crypto-assets has led to a global interest in digital aasets, security tokens & the underlying Blockchain technology. Start-ups have raised over billions of dollars by issuing new digital tokens, resulting in thousands of virtual currencies. Despite the popularity of the system, it is not without its detractors who insist that it supports criminal and illicit activities. From notorious darknet marketplaces to money laundering & capital flight, Bitcoin and other crypto tokens have been seen associated with unlawful pursuits. While institutions, governments and regulatory bodies worldwide have begun taking note of this highly disruptive socio-economic challenge, they and the token issuers have had limited tools to identify and prevent the use of crypto tokens for such illicit activities.

CryptoAML provides a comprehensive set of tools to empower crypto-businesses and related agencies to help create a healthy crypto ecosystem.

Blockchain Labs - Blockchain Innovation Centre

CryptoAML helps digital-asset issuers to easily and effectively identify suspicious activity, report anomalies and comply with AML regulations around the globe.
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Tokenomatic - a Next Generation Decentralized Digital Asset Investment Management Platform

Tokenomatic is a project to develop a decentralized digital asset investment management platform and token-based fund management solutions aimed at helping crypto investing go mainstream. Based on the ‘Basket Protocol’, launched in June 2018, the platform enables the creation of a composite basket of tokens using a smart contract; the uniqueness of this protocol being that every Basket created is a smart contract in itself, hence tradable at one go using any wallet.

Tokenomatic enables the creation of a composite basket of tokens allowing investors to instantly access, buy and trade an expert-curated portfolio of cryptoassets; powered by self-executing smart contracts

Based on the ‘Basket Protocol’, the platform enables the creation and trading of token baskets using a smart contract; with a single token representing the entire underlying portfolio and the assets held in custody by the smart contract itself

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Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring

Money laundering has a staggering impact on the global economy – estimated to be worth around $2 trillion, anywhere between 2 and 5% of the world’s GDP is lost due to money laundering. Anti-money laundering (AML) solutions and regulatory policies in place are unable to seize most of the illicit financial transactions taking place around the world – only about 1% of the amount is seized by the authorities.

Despite countries and financial institutions worldwide spending over $8 billion on AML compliance in 2017, it is not possible to enforce policies effectively enough to plug holes in global financial systems. Rapid advancements in technology make it even more challenging for existing AML solutions to fight against the rising incidence of money laundering. Aging and traditional solutions are no longer enough – not only are they ineffective in countering money laundering in present day, but will also be insufficient to tackle the problem in the future.

A new approach offers an elegant solution.

Blockchain for AML Transaction Monitoring

An AML solution built on the blockchain can leverage its features of decentralized, cryptographically secure and immutable logs to identify and stop suspicious transactions effectively. ‘Smart contracts’ can be inbuilt into a distributed blockchain-based solution, which can be used by financial institutions to securely parse data through an AML engine. The automation of this process not only improves overall efficiency but reduces the likelihood of missing/ignoring suspicious transactions.

AML - Transaction Monitoring

Each financial institution that would be a member of such a system can serve as a node within the private permissioned blockchain network. These nodes will then have access to the network directory and can also use the smart contracts feature to record transactions on the blockchain.
Regulatory authorities, risk officers, auditors and other relevant stakeholders too can use such a blockchain-based AML solution to monitor complex transactions in an automated and effective manner. The immutable nature of the blockchain makes it impossible for criminals to tamper with the logs, so the audit trails of suspicious transactions too can be recorded and maintained in a secure manner.

Visit our solution website at or click here to download the presentation and read more about our AML – Transaction Monitoring Solution; powered by Blockchain Technology.

STO-HQ, A Comprehensive Resource Centre for Tokenised Assets & Security Tokens

Recording and trading the fractional ownership of real-world assets using Blockchain technology is starting to gain traction and go mainstream. While digital currencies have been around for about a decade, the token economy has rapidly picked up steam over the past couple of years. The technology behind the success of Bitcoin – Blockchain, layered with smart contracts, has been touted as a transformative force for a while but is now starting to see mainstream traction within the financial services sector.
Tokenized securities will quickly revolutionize the traditional finance world - liberating trillions of dollars worth of non-liquid assets, raising new capital and creating all-new secondary markets - on the Blockchain.
STO HQ is a platform to extend awareness, share insights and offer tools to those exploring the emerging world of tokenized securities. Whether you are just trying to understand and know more about Security Tokens or you are already looking to do your own STO... STO HQ is the place to get started!

STO HQ is designed to share our points of view, engage in conversation and explore collaboration with enthusiasts and practitioners alike.

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