The Ledger Banking Framework

Fintech startups are disrupting the financial services industry, hacking away at the banking pie. They continue to harness advantages that allow them to be more innovative and deliver services to customers quickly and more cost-effectively than traditional banking institutions. But digital transformation can offer incumbents the same advantages that the Fintech startups and new challenger banks have. LedgerBanking layers distributed ledger technology atop the core banking systems via Open API's to create a robust, yet agile digital framework and allow banks to disrupt their own business model rather than sit on the sidelines watching the challengers disintermediate them.

The integrated platform enables the seamless representation of traditional products in digital format as well as the creation of all-new token-based digital offerings; thereby bringing together products from various departments and partners onto a single integrated platform and making them available to customers via digital channels. A simple and intuitive interface enables expert bankers to effortlessly create next-gen products and newbie customers to instinctively participate in this new digital medium of value exchange.

Ledger Banking


LedgerBanking is a project by Blockchain Worx to create a next-gen Digital Banking platform powered by Open Banking API’s and Blockchain technology – secure and compliant – to digitally transform banking services.

[Blockchain Worx was part of a consortium and co-applicant for a Digital Full Bank license in Singapore]

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